Thursday, August 28, 2014

Some Fashion Advice From a Seven Year Old

Pick your battles is good advice. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Especially when it comes to getting the girls dressed in the morning, I try to just let it go. I do have some basic parameters they have to stay within – the clothes must be clean, weather appropriate, and reflect some sense of pride (ie: we do not wear pajamas and slippers in public and we try to not look sloppy) – but otherwise I let the girls pretty much choose their own wardrobes. I like letting them be themselves, separate from me or their dad, and over the years, they have each developed their own styles. My younger daughter has really gotten serious about her clothes and has started creating her own fashion rules. Here are the top seven which she would like to share with the world:

  1. “If you wear blue or purple, you should wear a pink hat.” Actually, she wears this hat with almost everything. She just happens to be wearing a blue and purple outfit today.
  2. “Awesome matches awesome.” World Down Syndrome Day shirt equals awesome and neon flower skirt equals awesome, therefore the two match.
  3. “If you fall off a curb and skin your leg, just wear knee socks to cover all the bandages.”
  4. “Whenever you wear a tutu, make sure something covers your underwear.” This is especially critical if you happen to be the kind of kid who not only wears a tutu but also loves doing flips and cartwheels and being a ninja on the playground.
  5. “Cats eat bunnies, and bunnies eat grass.” OK, so this rule doesn’t make a lot of sense . . . it basically is just her trying to figure out why there are bunnies on her cat leggings.
  6. “Bow ties are cool.” The girl watches Doctor Who and Bill Nye the Science Guy. They are her top style inspirations. I’m ok with that.
  7. “If you shave your head for kids with cancer, it’s ok to wear a wig when you’re at home.” When she goes out, though, she proudly shows off her short hair. She's not bald any more, but she still tells everyone about shaving her head for St Baldrick's.

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